About us

Year of manifacture: 2006
Strategy: FREEDOM
Arsenal: FASHION

C-room is alive with a spirit of initiative,
a love for the beautiful and an untiring desire to make items of clothing created to please yourself,
for those who love to live in their own way.

C-room clothes women who don't see an item of clothing as something to make themselves seem lovely, but to feel yourselves all the time, ready to change skin in order to achieve serenity!

C-room has conquered an important place in the world of fashion. Its clothing is on sale in the most exclusive shops in leading world cities (Montecarlo, Milan, Rome and New York).


Federica Neri - Stylist

Art director, brand creator, world traveller, lover of beautiful things and nature, careful and telepathic observer; Contemporary, old, refined sensitivity; Creativity that ranges between extravagant reworkings of the vintage and the interpretation of new trends; The desire to propose an innovative, revolutionary, modern woman.

The components, materials, craftsmen, leather, fabrics and decorations, integrated and united by the unmistakable breath of elegance, give C-room clothing a particular touch, the pleasure to touch and wear them. Even opposing elements live together in the game of refined transparency, in the various combinations of styles and collections, which give the feeling of living inside another skin, made up by the accurate decorations where studs, svarosky create magical points of light around the C-room woman. Beautiful accessories such as bags, belts, shoes, jewellery, etc. not only give better fullness to the mood, but complete the feeling derived from the lovely tactile sensation that every C-room item of clothing knows how to generate. To safeguard customers, C-room clothing comes with a Certificate of Warranty.